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Tires Inflation

Lasting Planet is pleased to offer you a variety of completely natural products that are environmentally-friendly, for use in homes, construction, and for your motor vehicles. Our main selection of products is dedicated for mold, mildew removal and prevention, but we have a further tire inflation product called Ride on Tire protection which has become highly popular among motorists. This is one of the most effective tires inflation and balancing systems for tires on the market, known to eliminate 95 percent of flat tire problems. In addition to this, it can extend tire tread life, maintains tire pressure for your safety, and in addition to all this, your tires run cooler. If you use our tire inflation product then it will last the entire life of your tires which will be a lot longer than what you would have enjoyed without it.

Ride on Tire protection tire inflation product offers your tires many advantages which can be read about on the Lasting Planet website, which has been designed for your convenience. Commercial vehicle owners, RVs owners, motorcycles, trucks and four-wheelers, or any vehicles owners can use Ride on Tires inflation which will give you peace of mind of puncture protection and added safety. Ride on has been tried and tested on motorcycles, trucks and cars, and every time, comes out trumps in all tests. In Rider Magazine, for example, after tires inflation with Ride on, it was still possible to drive a motorcycle that had nine holes in the tire. Ride on has been used on over quarter of a million vehicles already, and it has never failed to provide the features it promises in tire protection and safety against blow outs and punctures.

Like all the products we specialize in, Lasting Planet only believes in promoting green, environmentally safe products, and this tire inflation product is formulated from completely natural, bio-degradable extracts. These special extracts are known to prevent corrosion on your rims, and provide you with a balanced tire when it is applied which protects against slow leaks and punctures. It can be washed out with water when fitting new tires, and you can ask most tire dealers for Ride On and they should have it in stock.

Tire fitment centers, commercial transport companies, and motor vehicle workshops will do well to invest in Ride on Tire inflation product which is unbeatable when it comes to tire protection and safety. You can order ride on from us at the best value for money in any quantities you wish, up to fifty-five gallon drums. Ride on is tire inflation that is environmentally safe, non-inflammable, or hazardous to your tires. Read some sensible information on what to do when you find a foreign object in your tire and suggestions on removing it. Ride on will eventually reseal the hole and you can inflate the tire again to the recommended pressure afterwards. Look forward to using one of the most remarkable products on the market when it comes to tire protection when you use Ride on Tire inflation!