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Spin Balance

Ride on Protection from Lasting Planet is a spin balance formula that has proven its worth in numerous ways to vehicle owners. The reason we refer to it as spin balance is because when it is applied in tires, it coats the inner walls of the tire providing better balance, which means smoother running and vehicle handling. The advantages of spin balance Ride On protection are simply amazing, and you can read some details on how it can save you money at the links on our website. The entire selection of products in our catalog is environmentally-friendly, hence our name Lasting Planet, and to top it all you will find them excellent value for money as well. This great product is useful for all types of vehicles, including commercial vehicles, RVs, 4-wheelers, 4x4s and tractors as well as motorcycles.

Our spin balance only has to be applied once, and then it will last the lifetime of the tire. Firstly, tire life is extended, and because it allows tires to run cooler and more evenly, you get better fuel consumption as well. For puncture protection it is sensational. This formula will reseal the hole, and you can re-inflate the tire to the desired pressure afterwards. When you fit new tires to vehicles, the spin balance Ride On protection can be washed off the rims leaving no residue. It can then be reapplied to the new tires on your vehicle afterwards, and you have peace of mind of safer driving.

Tire fitment centers, transport company owners, and racing fraternities can order bulk quantities of spin balance protection in 55 gallon drums and save money. Follow the simple instructions for its application, and look forward to saving money while also adding to the safety of your vehicles. Ride On spin balance motorcycle formula is now also being sought after by motorcycle owners, and you can see why by reading the information on our website. Billions of miles have proven that our spin balance exceeds expectations for vehicle owners who have used it, and after doing so they will not drive without it in their tires. The product is neither harmful nor flammable, so it can be used safely in any condition.

Ride On Protection spin balance is now being used in thousands of municipal vehicles in the military, by commercial vehicle owners and individuals who know how many advantages it provides for safety and economy. Additional features of spin balance include the inhibition of corrosion on your rims, allowing easy removal for fitment of new tires, the properties of being a green, non-harmful, thus, environmentally-friendly product, plus it can seal multiple punctures. Lasting Planet offers you spin balance protection plus a variety of other excellent products, which will save you money, and you can order them using the convenience of Internet technology.