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Organic Mold Cleaner

Mold is not only unpleasant, but it can cause many allergies and health risks for the inhabitants of the home, and as such, measures must be taken to eradicate mold and there is a need to determine the reason for the mold. Generally, mold is difficult to keep under control and for those who have an allergy to mold, it may be the cause of respiratory diseases, including asthma. In a bid to effectively control mold, Lasting Planet has developed Hygienicaire that is a natural and organic mold cleaner. Mold is caused when the floor is moist and in a vast number of cases, the mold will go unnoticed for many months; however, for the inhabitants of the home, they will be unwittingly breathing in mold spores. In addition to the effective organic mold cleaner developed by Lasting Planet, they have designed other products that are practical to individuals in their daily lives, such as the Ride on Tire Protection System that is an affordable product which is able to offer a safe alternative to a flat tire and being stranded alongside the road for hours. Our company name, Lasting Planet, is a name which perfectly describes our company since we are steadfast to protecting planet and are just as committed to solving many common household health issues by offering natural, organic and environmentally-friendly solutions. These household problems include mold, and dust and for those with allergies, the organic mold cleaner will significantly improve their quality of life, while at the same time, stop the need to rely in harmful allergy combating medications.  

Hygienicaire is an organic mold cleaner which can prevent mold buildup, and furthermore, Hygienicaire is able to end the spread of mold into areas of the home that are commonly plagued with mold, such as in bathrooms and kitchens. Hygienicaire, an organic mold cleaner is not only ideal for combating mold, but is the best choice for stopping the spread of mold and totally eliminating the mold spores, mildew and bacteria, that have been proven to be largely responsible for many common respiratory diseases and allergies. Due to the fact that mold is linked to many common allergies as well as respiratory aliments, it is essential that a home is free from mold buildup. To this end, controlling mold is critical in homes where there are small children who are known to be incredibly sensitive to spores that are released by mold. As it is difficult to detect the early onset of mold, with regular and daily use of Hygienicaire, the organic mold cleaner from Lasting Planet, surfaces throughout the home can be treated safely.

Please feel free to browse the Lasting Planet website at and gain further information about the organic mold cleaner and how you can stop mold in your home and should you share in the views of Lasting Planet and wish to care for our planet, make use of the organic mold cleaner, Hygienicaire, with confidence that you will not only be preventing mold from spreading throughout your home, but no harm will be caused to the planet. The Hygienicaire product family is committed to improving the air in the home and Lasting Planet is able to provide an organic mold cleaner that is gentle on the earth, but tough on mold.