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Motorcycle Tire Inflation

Lasting Planet is an online company that provides needed products that are both effective and earth friendly. Their motorcycle and ATV formula tire sealant performs a protective layer of Ride-On TPS which contains fibers six times stronger than steel. This evenly coats the inner surface of your tire so that if it is punctured, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and the internal air pressure force Ride-On into the hole which seals it almost instantly. This incredible product works extremely well even though it is environmentally safe. Motorcycle tire inflation is important to maintain safe driving on all terrains and Ride-On TPS will give you the security of keeping even inflation even when a tire is punctured.

Imagine a product that will maintain your motorcycle tire inflation literally by itself!  Even slow leaks will be stopped as soon as they start. In addition, your tires will last longer, your bike will handle better, and you will even improve your fuel economy. Of course, the increase in your safety is the most significant feature of the product. Ride-On sealant will seal punctures from objects up to 1/8” in diameter in the tread are of your tire, which is where most punctures occur.

Ride-On guarantees motorcycle tire inflation will be maintained as it seals punctures while being non-hazardous, biodegradable, and safer for you and the environment. You will extend you tire life Maintaining air pressure is an important way to use less fuel, maintain safe driving, and extend the life of your tires. Even if you never have a puncture in your tire, you will benefit from using this product. It has 250,000 applications and over five billion miles to attest to how effective its use is.

Motorcycle tire inflation is so important that Ride-On is used by the military, US Postal Service, more than sixty cities, municipalities, government agencies, in more than 4,000 police vehicles, and in thousands of tractors and trailers. In addition, more than twenty-five percent of the nation’s top twenty hauling and disposal fleets are now using Ride-On TPS tire sealants to help maintain their vehicles with this incredible motorcycle tire inflation sealant. It has proven itself in preventing the downtime of necessary vehicles. Available as an OEM item by the nation’s largest commercial tire dealers, this  product is available in formulations for every tire application.

With Ride-On, you can maintain your motorcycle tire inflation and enjoy the benefits it carries. It is completely safe to use, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. It prevents flats and seals multiple punctures and helps seal slow leaks that would normally lead to flats or blow-outs. It conditions casings and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, aluminum, and yellow metals from oxidation. It is water dispersible so that it washes out with plain water while leaving no residue. It is suitable in all weather conditions and in all environments. Ride-On is not only there to protect you when things go wrong, it is there to improve the normal conditions that you face every day.