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Green Black Mold Removal

While mold exists in many homes and many forms the most commonly occurring ones that are dangerous to your health are the black molds. The biggest problem with black mold is that it is very toxic in nature and poses some very serious risks to your health.  Black mold has been shown to be the cause of many respiratory illnesses such as inflammation of the sinuses, asthma and bleeding lungs. Due to its high toxicity the use of chemicals that are eco-friendly or green for black mold removal is highly recommended.

Black mold is very common and can be found in most houses in any area that is damp or is exposed to moisture for long periods of time. The bathroom and basement are two of the places in a house where black mold is likely to occur. Realize too that black mold can form on any surface from concrete to sheetrock. There are many different test kits on the market that you can use to test your home for the presence of mold spores especially those from black mold. Removal with a green or environmentally sound chemical should not be done until you have an idea what kind of mold you are dealing with.

While there are many different chemicals out there that claim to be able to remove mold and mildew from your home there is much more to it than just spraying on another toxic chemical in the hopes that it will successfully kill off the mold. In order to get rid of the mold you must also get rid of the cause of the mold.  Instead of using a toxic chemical like bleach to help with the removal of black mold, a green chemical such as one that contains tea tree oil is a much better choice. Once you have cleaned up the mold make sure that your treat the area with an environmentally friendly mold growth inhibitor and make sure that the area stays free from moisture and dampness all year round.

Besides using chemicals that are green in the removal of black mold there are other precautions you should take. Remember that black mold is very toxic so you need to take steps to protect yourself and others around you. For yourself, you will need a respirator or face mask to protect your lungs, safety glasses, rubber gloves and either a set of clothes that can be thrown away or a set of plastic overalls. To keep your family safe while you clean, seal the area off from the rest of the home with sheets of plastic in the doorways to keep spores from invading other areas and getting into your family's lungs.
If you are looking for a good source of green chemicals designed to help you in your black mold removal task look no further than Last Planet, they carry a full line of green products. These products are all made using 100% pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil and are a fully renewable resource. They are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable and will leave your home with a pleasant tea tree scent when you are done.