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Bacteria Prevention

Lasting Planet offers customers the finest Green cleaning products, customer service, and lowest prices to be found. The people working for Lasting Planet take a great deal of pride in their environmentally-aware company, their commitment to caring customer service, and the effective cleaning products they are able to offer. Lasting Planet provides HygienicAire™ and HygiClean and the new Mold Prevent Technology (MPT), which are natural solutions to improve customers’ “in-vironments.” These effective cleaning and mold and mildew and bacteria prevention products are manufactured from 100 percent pharmaceutically graded Tea Tree Oil. HygienicAire and HygiClean and the outstanding Mold Prevent Technology solutions have been formulated as organic mold and mildew and bacteria prevention and cleaning products using the latest evolution in modern day chemistry. They have been tested worldwide in varied and difficult environments with excellent results.

The bacteria prevention and cleaning products will remove bacteria, mold and mildew stains in one application. There are, however, some types of mold that require light scrubbing and even a further application of HygicClean and/or HygienicAire mold and mildew. HygiClean can be used as a bacteria prevention measure in dark, damp locations where these micro-organisms develop and flourish if untreated. Lasting Planet assures customers that if they need to purchase mold and mildew and bacteria prevention products, the HygiClean and HygienicAire and MPT solutions will represent a great saving of time and money. The bacteria prevention and cleaning products offered by Lasting Planet have proven to be highly effective and ecologically-friendly. The clinically tested and proven bacteria prevention solutions are made from rapidly renewable resources.

Lasting Planet’s offering of the new Mold Prevent Technology (MPT) has been developed for the construction industry and is the environmentally safe way to treat new construction buildings, remodels, and renovations. The MPT formula offered by Lasting Planet is sprayed on surfaces that could harbor and incubate mold and bacteria and effectively acts as a mold and bacteria prevention and cleaner. The unique MPT member of the mold and bacteria prevention family solutions contains Australian Tea Oil and is a natural product obtained by steam distillation of leaves of the Melaleuca Alterifolia plant. It is a broad-spectrum fungicide, germicide, biocide, which for decades, has been used as a fungi, yeast, and mold, mildew and bacteria prevention solution at low minimum inhibitory concentrations.

Lasting Planet provides the HygiClean and HygienicAire products to gently apply cleaning and bacteria prevention solutions to vents, duct systems, car lockers, basements and garages to rid the entire home of damp, musty smells and the unhealthy mold and mildew bacteria that thrive in those conditions. The mold and mildew bacteria prevention products remain safe for use on all surfaces including wood, cloth, canvas, carpets, fiberglass, vinyl and paint. Lasting Planet offers customers the organic mold and mildew bacteria prevention solutions, which attack the strong strains of bacteria that are attached in active colonies within a few micro membranes. The organic mold and mildew bacteria prevention solutions successfully penetrate and completely eradicate the offending micro-organisms.